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Silicon Mix Shampoo and Conditioner

Intensive leave-in conditioning treatment and moisturizing shampoo imported from the Dominican Republic. Great for damaged or dry hair. Helps to restore shine and health.






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 BOMBA Leave-in Conditioner

Bomba Leave-in intensive Conditioner protects your hair from dryness and climate changes. Moisturizes your hair from the roots to the ends, protects it from split ends and replenishes overly processed hair.







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Salerm Protein Shampoo & Protein Balsam Conditioner

Formula rich in conditioning active agents which restore hair natural balance which have been damaged by weather conditions (sun, wind, etc.) as well as consistent styling techniques. It quickly restores hair silkiness and sheen, also eases brushing.







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KUZ Hair Loss Control Treatment & KUZ Growth Factor Treatment With Botanical Extract

Hair Loss Control – For Weak Hair 4.22oz. Innovative formula that thanks to its active ingredients restores the optimal conditions of the scalp strengthens the appearance of a new hair with nerve and regulates the sebaceous secretion.


Growth Factor – It is special treatment for hair that has problems of growth retardation and for those hair that for whatever reason do nothave a normal growth. It’s a regulator of the activity of the hair bulb, which allows a return to equilibrium of the growth cycle of hair.







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Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Products

Seal in moisture while smoothing your hair with Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Super Sculpt Styling Glaze. It’s a fast drying, flexible hold styling tool that is perfect for sculpting or blow-drying your hair.

This thick, luxurious Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Super Sculpt Styling Glaze conditions your hair and adds shine. It has conditioning, bodifying agents combined with panthenol which provide long-lasting memory and high shine.







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 Almond Oil, Coconut Oil






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Salerm 21 Active Technique Essential Conditioning Oil With Silk Protein Phials

Specific treatment for dry, treated and/or dyed hair. It has an intensive action thanks to the inclusion of silk proteins. Recovers natural appearance and manageability of sensitive hair, giving it both shine and bounce.








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 Crece Pelo Shampoo Natural

Shampoo phito therapeutic that consists on the use of Natural plants, for the capillary growth. It innovative formula contributes extracts and active 100% natural necessary for a good hair condition,







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 Silicon Mix Leave in Hair Shine Conditioner

Balanced formula rich in Silicones, Keratine, Ceramides and Silk Proteins to condition and provide shine to damaged hair. Works in the internal and external hair structure from roots to ends. Protects against the sun, salted and bleached water and chemical processes.







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Kismera Hair-loss Preventive Lotion Leave-in Treatment

A treatment for weak and undernourished hair, and for all those that have an abnormal hair loss. Its vitamin complex has been conceived for the nutrition of the root. A combination of balancing agents, that optimizes the hygiene and health of the scalp, strengthens the appearance of new healthy with nerves and regulates sebaccous secretion of the scalp thus making it vigorous and strong.